Waste Monitoring & Management

Waste Monitoring & Management Photo Waste Monitoring and Management by Green Technology is the best problem solver for treating and preventing wastes. 3r concept is the recognized principle of effective Waste Management Techniques. By improved waste management methods,Carbon Footprints and Carbon Sequestration in landfills can be reduced. Global Environmental Sanitation is mandatory for both social and Economic development of living beings and, it focuses on quality, biosafety and pollution-prevention. It has been reported that 4.0% death and 5.7% disease is due to lack of global sanitation.
  • Developments of Innovative Waste Monitoring Systems
  • Remote Monitoring Systems
  • Real-Time Waste Monitoring and Management Systems
  • Product Life Cycle and Efficiency
  • Disposal Methods
  • Waste Recycling Technologies
  • Waste Reduction Methods
  • Challenges for Waste Management

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